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Quality Care. Personal Service.

Across the nation, people face increasing challenges accessing quality health care and medical services. Komedix is focused on providing patients with convenient access to highly skilled physicians, nurses, and coordinated healthcare teams. We offer primary and preventative care services that can be subscribed to through The Caredirect Solution.

Conveniently located throughout Texas, Komedix clinics offer a friendly, comfortable environment and leading-edge technology. Through our insurance providers, transportation services are offered to make it easier for patients to get the care they need.

The Caredirect Solution

The Caredirect Solution is a new approach to paying for and receiving  healthcare. We offer subscription plans with low monthly fees that give you unlimited access to 24/7 Telemedicine and clinic medical services.  We believe you should not have to debate whether or not you are sick enough to pay your copay, nor allow your health insurance deductible to be the determining factor as to whether or not you can access timely and appropriate care when you need it. Our goal is for your insurance to be used as it was originally intended- for those unforeseen accidents and catastrophic illnesses.

Your membership includes general care, minor procedures, chronic disease management, 24/7 access to the care, and much more.

For Employers

The Caredirect Solution makes for the perfect addition to your current employee benefits package. We offer unlimited visits to our clinics and 24/7 Telemedicine services for a low monthly fee without the burden of copays. We decrease your healthcare costs as an employer by limiting the claims filed against your insurance plan and allow you to switch to a higher deductible plan while decreasing your overall cost of healthcare for you and your employees without sacrificing access to quality care. Our goal is for your insurance to be used as it was originally intended- for those unforeseen accidents and catastrophic illnesses.

Skilled Medical Care. Leading-Edge Technology.

Our facilities are equipped with the latest technology and medical devices. Staff use laptops and tablets to capture real-time information on our members, allowing for more efficient authorizations, claims processes, lab requests, and pharmacy orders.

Dedicated to Service. Committed To Care.

Komedix is built on a foundation of caring and service. Our facilities are designed to provide a welcoming, comfortable, and friendly environment that our customers trust for all of their primary care needs. We are committed to our customers and dedicated to providing the quality and service they can count on—close to home.